Winter Trip to Nagano, pt. 1


For the second year in a row Julie and I decided to spend our winter vacation exploring Japan outside the confines of Aomori Prefecture.  This year we decided to head to Nagano to see a friend, enjoy an onsen or two, and hang out with some monkeys.

We traveled by shinkansen (bullet train).

This looked like an interesting restaurant.

Guess the meat. Tuna? Beef? Horse? No. No. No. Minke whale? Yep. I guess it was inevitable that we'd eventually get around to eating whale in Japan. The worst part was that it was absolutely delicious (which made us feel even more guilty).

We stayed at ryokan (old style Japanese inn) in Nagano City. It totally reminded us of the inn in Spirited Away with its maze of stairs. If you haven't had the pleasure of watching that wonderful movie, I'll describe it another way: It was sort of like the world's most elaborate treehouse except, you know, built inside a box on the ground instead of a tree.

Relaxing at the ryokan.

On the third day it began to snow.

If you enjoyed any or all of the pictures above, please click here to see the rest of our non-monkey related Nagano photos.


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2 Responses to “Winter Trip to Nagano, pt. 1”

  1. tokyo5 Says:

    I haven’t been to Nagano since 1998 when we went there for the Olympics.

    Did you visit Matsumoto Jo (castle)?

    I was looking around your site. You’ve been in Japan about eighteen months now, haven’t you?
    How long will you stay?

  2. Curtis Says:

    One of your X-Mas gifts might make you feel more guilty about that Minke 😛 Email me when you get them…I was kind of worried about international shipping!

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