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Great 100 Yen Store Purchases

October 1, 2008

Julie’s Pick: Cup holders for the car.

Space is limited in our ’95 Toyota hatchback and we needed a place to put our beverages.  Behold the clip-on cup holders!  They are surprisingly strong.  No spills yet.  Cost?  About one dollar each.

Taylor’s Pick: Earbuds.

We have started to exercise at a public gym a few nights a week and while I run on a treadmill I enjoy listening to my iPod.  I needed some cheap headphones that could handle the sweat.

Honorable Mention: Owls.

Two decorations for the entryway.


Great 100 Yen Store Purchases: September

September 4, 2008

Taylor’s Pick

Ayumi Ishida cd.

’60s Japanese pop for a reasonable price.  These songs are genuinely catchy and great.

Julie’s Pick:

A-DOR-able stationary.

Japan knows how to do cute. The English phrases are a fun bonus.


August 18, 2008

Obon is an unofficial holiday in Japan that concluded this past weekend. The people I work with have described it as Japan’s version of Thanksgiving. Many people take time off work, make a pilgrimage to their hometown, and visit family while paying respects to their ancestors. Cemeteries are visited and fires are lit in their honor. In some towns, lanterns are constructed, lit, and sent floating down a river as a symbol of remembrance for family members who have passed.

We happened to be in the town of Towada as the lanterns floated down a local river.

Great 100 Yen Store Purchases

August 18, 2008

Welcome to our new monthly column: Great 100 Yen Store Purchases. 100 Yen shops are basically dollar stores, but they house many practical treasures.

Taylor’s pick for August: Two button-up dress shirts and an argyle tie for less than $10.

Julie’s pick for August: Lint roller with two replacement rolls for $2. This purchase is significant because we do not dry our clothes in a machine. Instead we hang them outside and in the house. As you can imagine, lint becomes a problem.